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In the health care system, good communication is of vital importance for correct information, diagnosis and treatment. When the health care worker and the patient have no common language, an interpreter is needed. In a small population the patient and the interpreter will often be acquainted. In small, local communities few professional interpreters are(More)
239 (75%) of 318 general practitioners in the three northernmost counties of Norway were asked by mailed questionnaire to report the frequency of consultations on contraception, and what kind of contraception they usually recommended. 85% informed the women about at least three different alternatives; oral contraceptives, intrauterine devices and condoms.(More)
A questionnaire on their practice regarding ordination of contraceptive methods was answered by 239 (75%) of the general practitioners in the three northern most counties of Norway. The female doctors reported a higher frequency both of female patients and of consultations for birth control, and were more active in these consultations than their male(More)
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