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1. Sulphate-dependent PP(i)-ATP exchange, catalysed by purified spinach leaf ATP sulphurylase, was correlated with the concentration of MgATP(2-) and MgP(2)O(7) (2-); ATP sulphurylase activity was not correlated with the concentration of free Mg(2+). 2. Sulphate-dependent PP(i)-ATP exchange was independent of PP(i) concentration, but dependent on the(More)
Two cases of leiomyosarcoma of the spermatic cord are described. The first case is a seventy-eight-year-old white man with a twenty-year history of leiomyosarcoma of the cord. Twice irradiated, he has had some twenty local recurrences. These have been to the contralateral cord, scrotum, suprapubic region, both inguinal regions, and the penis. The second(More)
1. ATP sulphurylase was purified up to 1000-fold from spinach leaf tissue. Activity was measured by sulphate-dependent [(32)P]PP(i)-ATP exchange. The enzyme was separated from Mg(2+)-requiring alkaline pyrophosphatase (which interferes with the PP(i)-ATP-exchange assay) and from other PP(i)-ATP-exchange activities. No ADP sulphurylase activity was detected.(More)
1. ATP sulphurylases were partially purified (20-40-fold) from leaf tissue of Astragalus bisulcatus, Astragalus racemosus (selenium-accumulator species) and Astragalus hamosus and Astragalus sinicus (non-accumulator species). Activity was measured by sulphate-dependent PP(i)-ATP exchange. The enzymes were separated from pyrophosphatase and adenosine(More)
Halstead’s theory of software science is used to describe the compilation process and generate a compiler performance index. A nonlinear model of compile time is estimated for four Ada compilers. A fundamental relation between compile time and program modularity is proposed. Issues considered include data collection procedures, the development of a counting(More)
A software science counting strategy is defined for the Ada* programming language. Two initial approaches, one based on intuition and the other based on trial-and-error, prove unsatisfactory. The third, based on the BNF description of Ada, leads to a satisfactory counting strategy. In contrast to most software science counting strategies, ones that consider(More)