Wade G. Rellergert

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Compared with atoms, molecules have a rich internal structure that offers many opportunities for technological and scientific advancement. The study of this structure could yield critical insights into quantum chemistry, new methods for manipulating quantum information, and improved tests of discrete symmetry violation and fundamental constant variation.(More)
The formation of (40)Ca(2)(+) molecular ions is observed in a hybrid (40)Ca magneto-optical and ion trap system. The molecular ion formation process is determined to be photo-associative ionization of ultracold (40)Ca atoms. A lower bound for the two-body rate constant is found to be beta ≥ 2 ± 1 × 10(-15) cm(3) Hz. Ab initio molecular potential curves are(More)
We report the results of a direct search for the (229)Th (I(π)=3/2(+)←5/2(+)) nuclear isomeric transition, performed by exposing (229)Th-doped LiSrAlF(6) crystals to tunable vacuum-ultraviolet synchrotron radiation and observing any resulting fluorescence. We also use existing nuclear physics data to establish a range of possible transition strengths for(More)
We describe an approach to detecting ionizing radiation that combines the special properties of superfluid helium with the sensitivity of quantum optics techniques. Ionization in liquid helium results in the copious production of metastable He2 molecules, which can be detected by laser-induced fluorescence. Each molecule can be probed many times using a(More)
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