Wade Bannister

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BACKGROUND There is controversy surrounding the risk of manipulation, which is often used by chiropractors, with respect to its association with vertebrobasilar artery system (VBA) stroke. The objective of this study was to compare the associations between chiropractic care and VBA stroke with recent primary care physician (PCP) care and VBA stroke. (More)
BACKGROUND This research examined the use of the propensity score method to compare proxy-completed responses to self-completed responses in the first three baseline cohorts of the Medicare Health Outcomes Survey, administered in 1998, 1999, and 2000, respectively. A proxy is someone other than the respondent who completes the survey for the respondent. (More)
Associative classifiers have been proposed to achieve an accurate model with each individual rule being interpretable. However, existing associative classifiers often consist of a large number of rules and, thus, can be difficult to interpret. We show that associative classifiers consisting of an ordered rule set can be represented as a tree model. From(More)
PURPOSE To assess the impact of the cancer support program (CSP), a telephonic case management program led by oncology nurses, on cancer-related medical costs and hospice use. METHODS Members of large employer-funded health plans were referred to the CSP if they had a cancer diagnosis and met program criteria. Patients were referred to the CSP (July(More)
254 Background: Case management offers the opportunity to improve quality of cancer care but the financial impact is largely unknown. Optum's Cancer Support Program (CSP) provides patients and their caregivers with telephonic case management services which are focused on reducing emergency department visits and hospitalizations, and helping patients comply(More)
INTRODUCTION Solid organ transplantation has been an area of great interest to commercial payers ever since it moved into mainstream medical care beginning in the 1980s. Over the years a system of evaluating transplant program performance based on volume and one year graft and patient survival has developed. While this system has served its purpose, there(More)
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