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To discuss the position of humor in the equilibration of human relationship, I shall build up from things that have previously been talked about in this room. Consider a message of a very simple kind, such as, " The cat is on the mat. " That message contains, as has been emphasized here, many other things besides the piece of information which may be(More)
Large classes, both online and residential, typically demand many graders for evaluating students' written work. Some classes attempt to use autograding or peer grading, but these both present challenges to assigning grades at for-credit institutions, such as the difficulty of autograding to evaluate free-response answers and the lack of expert oversight in(More)
Gregory Bateson's interdisciplinary work in Anthropology, Psychiatry, Evolution, and Epistemology was profoundly influenced by the ideas set forth in systems theory, communication theory, information theory and cybernetics. As is now quite common, Bateson used the single term cybernetics in reference to an aggregate of these ideas that grew together shortly(More)
  • W R Ashby
In many ways in physiology and psychology one sees evidences of "patterns." Sensory stimuli are usually received as a pattern and most motor responses take the form of a clear-cut pattern of movements. The majority of the reactions in the central nervous system are concerned with patterns of impulses rather than a single nerve impulse.It is suggested that(More)
Evolutionary robotics (ER) has been an active field of research for more than a decade, although it has deeper historical roots in cybernetics and pre-symbolic articial intelligence (AI). Walter all toyed with related ideas and, more recently, Valentino Braitenberg (1984) has directly hinted at and inspired much of the initial work in this eld. ER's(More)