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Systematic studies of exact O(α2L) CEEX EW corrections in a hadronic MC for precision Z/γ* physics at LHC energies
With an eye toward the precision physics of the LHC, such as the recent measurement of $M_W$ by the ATLAS Collaboration, we present here systematic studies relevant to the assessment of the expected
Einstein-Heisenberg Consistency Condition Interplay with Cosmological Constant Prediction in Resummed Quantum Gravity
We argue that our recent success in using our resummed quantum gravity approach to Einstein’s general theory of relativity, in the context of the Planck scale cosmology formulation of Bonanno and
KK MC-hh: Resumed exactO(α2L)EW corrections in a hadronic MC event generator
We present an improvement of the MC event generator Herwiri2, where we recall the latter MC was a prototype for the inclusion of CEEX resummed EW corrections in hadron-hadron scattering at high cms
Interplay between IR-Improved DGLAP-CS Theory and the Precision of an NLO ME Matched Parton Shower MC in Relation to LHCb Data
We use comparison with recent LHCb data on single Z/\gamma^* production and decay to lepton pairs as a vehicle to study the current status of the application of our approach of {\it exact}
Role of IR-improvement in Precision LHC/FCC Physics and in Quantum Gravity
IR-improvement based on amplitude-level resummation allows one to control unintegrable results in quantum field theory with arbitrary precision in principle. We illustrate such resummation in
Threshold Corrections in Precision LHC Physics: QED otimes QCD
With an eye toward LHC processes in which theoretical precisions of 1 percent are desired, we introduce the theory of the simultaneous YFS resummation of QED and QCD to compute the size of the
New Developments in Precision LHC Theory: QEDXQCD Exponentiation, Shower/ME Matching, IR-Improved DGLAP-CS Theory and Implications for UV Finite Quantum Gravity
We present the recent developments in exact amplitude-based resummation methods for non-Abelian gauge theories as they relate to precision LHC physics. We discuss QEDXQCD exponentiation, shower/ME