Waclaw Godycki

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Recent work has shown that monolithic integration of voltage regulators will be feasible in the near future, enabling reduced system cost and the potential for fine-grain voltage scaling (FGVS). More specifically, on-chip switched-capacitor regulators appear to offer an attractive trade-off in terms of integration complexity, power density, power(More)
An 86µW, 150Kbps, self synchronizing 3.5–4.5GHz UWB IR transceiver is presented. Synchronous receiver duty cycling of 0.5% is enabled without a crystal through a pulse coupled oscillator (PCO) network that establishes timing and allows multi-node multi-hop communication. The synchronization scheme is supported by implementation of low power(More)
In this paper we present the design and the measured results for a FCC-compliant UWB impulse transmitter (Tx) designed to operate in the 3-5GHz range. The transmitter uses a fast start-up, duty-cycled, current-starved ring-oscillator topology. A triangular pulse-shaping technique is utilized for spectrum-shaping to facilitate FCC compliance. The designed(More)
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