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Does histamine influence differentiation of trophoblast in preeclampsia?
Impaired tropoblast invasion is known to be one of most relevant reasons for the development of the pathogenesis of preeclampsia (PE). Effi cient differentiation of trophoblastic cells, which isExpand
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Mast Cells and Histamine: Do They Influence Placental Vascular Network and Development in Preeclampsia?
The physiological course of pregnancy is closely related to adequate development of the placenta. Shallow invasion of trophoblast as well as decreased development of the placental vascular networkExpand
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[Mast cells, histamine and development of the placental vascular network in pregnancies complicated by preeclampsia and intrauterine growth retardation].
UNLABELLED Importance of angiogenesis in proper development of placenta is unquestioned. Abnormalities in vascular development are typical for complications of pregnancy: intrauterine growthExpand
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The Angiogenic Activity of Ascites in the Course of Ovarian Cancer as a Marker of Disease Progression
Ovarian cancer cells are able to create invasive implants in the peritoneum and their growth is directly associated with the angiogenetic potential. This effect is probably stimulated by vascularExpand
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Histamine H4 receptors in human placenta in diabetes-complicated pregnancy
It is observed that incidence of diabetes complicating pregnancy is still increasing, especially pre-gestational diabetes mellitus (PGDM). This is associated with improved treatment of diabetesExpand
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[Mast cells as a source of nitric oxide in the human placenta--morphometric analysis in preeclampsia complicated pregnancy].
UNLABELLED The aim of the study was to test hypothesis, that in placenta mast cells are significant source of iNOS. MATERIAL Placentas were collected after term delivery from healthy (control,Expand
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