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Accurate acoustic source localization at a low sampling rate (less than 10 kHz) is still a challenging problem for small portable systems, especially for a multitasking micro-embedded system. A modification of the generalized cross-correlation (GCC) method with the up-sampling (US) theory is proposed and defined as the US-GCC method, which can improve the(More)
This paper develops a sound enhancement algorithm based on modelling of cochlea. By integrating the mechanical tuning and the neuron filtering in cochlea, the derivation process is discussed. For illustration, the developed algorithm is applied to the sound enhancement in the condition of low Signal Noise Ratio (SNR) environments. Compared with the fast(More)
This paper develops a fast filtering algorithm based on the transmission mechanism of human auditory information. By integrating the function of cochlea tuning and short-term synaptic plasticity, the derived details and the feasible parameter criterion under minimum error variance condition are discussed. For illustration, the developed fast filtering(More)
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