Waël Noureddine

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Although switched LANs are usually over-provisioned, their characteristics (short RTT, link speed mismatches) lead to increased burstiness, and thus to the occurrence of transient congestion. In order to fully utilize the potential of large switched LANs, a link layer back-pressure mechanism may be used to complement end-to-end flow control by handling the(More)
Interactive TCP applications, such as Telnet and the Web, are particularly sensitive to network congestion. Indeed, congestion-induced queuing and packet loss can be a significant cause of large delays and variability, thereby decreasing user-perceived quality. We consider addressing these effects using service differentiation, by giving priority to(More)
A 42-year-old man with dextrocardia and situs inversus underwent successful off-pump total myocardial revascularization using the technique popularized by Tector [Tector 1994, Tector 1996]. The free left internal mammary artery (LIMA) was anastomosed to the in-situ right internal mammary artery (RIMA) at the level of the right-sided left atrial appendage,(More)
The current best-effort infrastructure in the Internet lacks key characteristics in terms of delay, jitter, and loss, which are required for multimedia applications (voice, video, and data). Recently, significant progress has been made toward specifying the service differentiation to be provided in the Internet for supporting multimedia applications. In(More)
Multimedia applications are those which involve multiple media types including audio, video, and still images, in addition to the more conventional data types. Many such applications are distributed in nature and involve networking and communications. Examples of such applications are: video-on-demand (VoD) for training, education and entertainment;(More)
Chelsio will present its Unified Wire adapter, based on the latest version of its proven Terminator engine architecture. The architecture's unique features allow simultaneous use of a 10Gbp Ethernet network for iSCSI storage, high performance computing using iWARP RDMA and general TCP/IP networking. The results of performance benchmarks show how both low(More)
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