Waël Hassan

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—We present a model-based approach to extract governance requirements from the law and enterprise regulations, to formal specifications. This is the first step of an end-to-end implemented methodology for validating legal compliance of enterprises to law through logic models. Our UML-based Governance Extraction Model (GEM) is able to extract many legal and(More)
It is shown that the concepts of requirements and implementation exist in normative systems, in particular in law, and are similar to homologous concepts in software engineering. Concepts of compliance and conformance are also similar in the two areas. Further , it is shown how a logic analyzer such as Alloy can be used in order to verify legal compliance(More)
We propose the use of process-based access-control methods in the construction of privacy governance systems. Access constraints are specified by policies, but the governance model thus created is prone to interactions and inconsistencies. We show how UML can be used in order to represent the model and how the language Alloy and its model analyzer can be(More)
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