Waël Hassan

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We present a model-based approach to extract governance requirements from the law and enterprise regulations, to formal specifications. This is the first step of an end-to-end implemented methodology for validating legal compliance of enterprises to law through logic models. Our UML-based Governance Extraction Model (GEM) is able to extract many legal and(More)
We propose a method and a process for legal software requirements extraction and compliance checking. We describe a requirements extraction model, a set of rules for specifying the format of the extracted information, a set of UML-based principles for translating the extracted information into a language based on predicate logic, and finally, a tool that(More)
We present two projects that are being developed in our research group. The first is on inconsistency detection in XACML policies. The second one develops a novel access control paradigm, called process-based access control, and has inconsistency detection as part of its goal. The model analyzer Alloy is being used in both projects. 1. Background and(More)
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