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Analyses were undertaken of 20 cases of lens luxation in British-bred Tibetan terriers, together with a further seven from Sweden. General proband segregation tests showed that the data were consistent with a simple autosomal recessive hypothesis (P = 0.152 +/- 0.0563). This was supported by high levels of inbreeding ranging from 0 to 24.3 per cent, with a(More)
2. Progeny of long-wool sires, and particularly the Lincoln, clip more wool at post-weaning shearing than of the Down breeds, which exhibit quite small variation. 3. Sire breeds vary in average liveweight growth of their progeny, the Suffolk, Hampshire and Dorset breeds producing the heaviest and the Merino and Romney the lightest lambs. 4. Within any breed(More)
Little effort has been put into studying the noise climate inside passenger vehicles. This paper shows that noise levels in motor cars and heavy goods vehicles are unacceptable to the passenger at typical cruising speeds. It is suggested that one factor responsible for this state of affairs is the lack of criteria for acceptable noise levels. Research into(More)
Experiments have been carried out over 8 years to investigate systems of lamb production designed to make the fullest use of grassland, based on high levels of prolificacy of the ewes and high annual stocking rates per hectare. The results show that for suckled fat lamb production, both the Border Leicester /Cheviot and East Fviesland /Blackface crosses(More)
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