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Fungi represent one of the most understudied and diverse group of organisms. Commonly, these organisms make associations with higher life forms and may proceed to biochemically mimic the host organism. An excellent example of this is the anticancer drug, taxol, which had been previously supposed to occur only in the plant genusTaxus (yew). However, taxol(More)
In 16 patients with necrotizing pancreatitis and in 6 patients with edematous-interstitial pancreatitis, hemodynamic studies were conducted between the first and the 12th day after the onset of illness. Patients with necrotizing pancreatitis had a high cardiac index of 4.47 +/- 0.75 L/min X m2 and a low total peripheral vascular resistance of 884 +/- 180(More)
The incidence of abdominal complications after cardiopulmonary bypass is low but associated with a high mortality. From January 1991 to October 1996, 4288 patients, of a mean age of 62.5 years, underwent open-heart surgery. Fifty-nine (1 of 4) of these patients developed early abdominal complications. These included 36% with a paralytic ileus, 21% with(More)
Type and frequency of abdominal complications after open heart surgery are described. Out of 3,312 patients, 48 patients (1.4%) developed early postoperative abdominal complications with a mortality rate of 14.5%. Paralytic ileus, erosive gastritis and gastrointestinal hemorrhage were the most frequent complications, whilst intestinal ischemia, acute(More)