WJ Martin

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We have studied the proliferation of rat 208F cells (a derivative of Rat-1 cells) transformed by activated c-Ha-ras, v-fgr, v-raf, v-fms, or v-src oncogenes during cocultivation with an excess of early passage rat embryonic fibroblasts or immortal 208F cells. The total number and size of foci formed by oncogene-transformed 208F cells were strongly reduced(More)
BACKGROUND Monoamine reuptake inhibitors exhibit unique clinical profiles that reflect distinct engagement of the central nervous system (CNS) transporters. METHODS We used a translational strategy, including rodent pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic modeling and positron emission tomography (PET) imaging in humans, to establish the transporter profile of(More)
Transplacental induction of lung tumors in C3HfeB/HeN (C3Hf) strain mice can be readily achieved with the carcinogen 1-ethyl-1-nitrosourea. Several of these tumors express, as a tumor-associated transplantation antigen (TATA), a normal tissue alloantigen present in strain A and C3H/HeN (C3H) mice. In the present study it was shown that the tumor-associated(More)
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