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Seventy-two patients (39 females and 33 males), 9 to 84 years in age, exhibited a total of 94 renal artery macroaneurysms. Solitary aneurysms affected 53 patients, and multiple aneurysms occurred in 19 patients. Arteriosclerotic changes, observed in nearly 30% of aneurysms, were considered secondary rather than primary processes in most instances. Renal(More)
Of one hundred and forty-nine patients (101 male and 48 female) 4-67 years of age, 117 were alcoholics and underwent pancreatectomy because of episodic or continuous abdominal pain or complications or chronic pancreatitis. Nineteen patients underwent pancreaticoduodenectomy, seventy-seven 80-95% distal resection, anf fifty-three 40-80% distal pancreatic(More)
From December, 1975, to December, 1979, 54 carotid artery injuries have been treated by the Southwestern Medical School Department of Surgery. Seventy-eight percent were due to gunshot wounds, 20% were due to stab wounds, and 2% were secondary to blunt trauma. Thirty-three percent involved the internal carotid artery, and the external carotid artery was(More)
Arterial fibrodysplasia affected 196 patients (172 females, 24 males) harboring a total of 316 diseased vessels. Renal artery lesions were documented in 152 adult and 25 pediatric patients. Superior mesenteric, celiac, common hepatic, and external iliac arteries were occasionally involved. Intimal fibroplasia and medial hyperplasia are uncommon types of(More)