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Sawyer, William D. (U.S. Army Medical Unit, Fort Detrick, Frederick, Md.), Joseph V. Jemski, Arthur L. Hogge, Jr., Henry T. Eigelsbach, Elwood K. Wolfe, Harry G. Dangerfield, William S. Gochenour, Jr., and Dan Crozier. Effect of aerosol age on the infectivity of airborne Pasteurella tularensis for Macaca mulatta and man. J. Bacteriol. 91:2180-2184. 1966.-In(More)
The virus employed was the fourth mouse brain passage of a strain of VEE virus recovered from a human infection in Colombia. The virus was suspended in phosphate buffer soluton (PBS),' pH 7.5, containing 2 per cent normal rabbit serum (NRS) to which antifoam A2 had been added to facilitate aerosolization. The virus suspension was aerosolized with a(More)