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There is a growing need for a more accurate, rapid, and cost-effective alternative to conventional tests for identification of clinical isolates of Mycobacterium species. Therefore, the ability of the Sherlock Mycobacteria Identification System (SMIS; MIDI, Inc.) using computerized software and a Hewlett-Packard series 1100 high-performance liquid(More)
The MYCOPLASMELISA test kit was compared with the complement fixation test for detection of Mycoplasma pneumoniae antibody in single sera and evaluation of acute- and convalescent-phase serum pairs for significant rises in antibody titers. Agreement between the two assays was 96.6% (85 of 88) for antibody detection and 93.9% (92 of 98) for evaluation of(More)
Agreements in qualitative and quantitative test results between the recently marketed NCS rapid plasma reagin card test (NCS Diagnostics Corp.) and the Macro-Vue rapid plasma reagin 18-mm circle card test (Hynson, Westcott and Dunning) were 99.2 and 99.1%, respectively, indicating the NCS RPR card test to be an acceptable alternative procedure for the(More)
A new commercial kit, MEASLESTAT M (Whittaker Bioproducts, Inc.), was compared with the sucrose density gradient centrifugation-hemagglutination inhibition method for the detection of measles virus-specific immunoglobulin M. Overall agreement between the two procedures was 97.1% for 104 single and paired serum samples tested. The sensitivity and specificity(More)
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