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Forty-nine adults with learning disabilities who had attended a large public university between 1980 and 1992 were interviewed about their current employment and social status. Most of the respondents had adjusted well to the demands and complexities of adulthood. More than 80% of the participants not still in college at the time of the interview were(More)
A survey was developed to assess support services, procedures, policies, the proportion of students with learning disabilities (LD), and the factors that affect differences in proportion in a nationally representative sample of postsecondary institutions (PSIs). The factors investigated included general characteristics about the PSI, such as size of the(More)
ED WHELESS Whittier, California The Commerce Refuse to Energy Facility (CREF) is a nominal 370 tpd mass fired facility located in Com­ merce, California. After extensive testing of the ash, over 4 years of plant operation, a treatment system was developed and pilot tested which utilizes Portland cement to control the leaching of heavy metals. This paper(More)
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