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New observations on Erioderma in North America
For the three species of Erioderma occurring in North America (E. mollissimum (Samp.) Du Rietz, E. pedicellatum (Hue) P. M. Jorg. and E. sorediatun D. Gall. & P. M. Jorg), considerable rangeExpand
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Phenolic acids and phenolic glycosides of Gaultheria species
Abstract Twenty-two species of Gaultheria were examined for phenols and phenolic acids obtained by hydrolysis of ethanolic extracts. Most species yielded p -hydroxybenzoic, o -pyrocatechuic,Expand
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The phenolic constituents of Peltigera aphthosa
Abstract In addition to tenuiorin, methyl gyrophorate and methyl evernate have been isolated from Peltigera aphthosa. The occurrence of a tetradepside (aphthosin) in all the specimens investigated ofExpand
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Moelleropsis (Lecanorales) as a component of Erioderma habitats in Atlantic Canada
One of the many sterile epiphytic lichens from high humidilyforest habitats in Atlantic Canada has been idenlified as belonging to Moelleropsis (Leca norales). The assignment was made on the basis ofExpand
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Phenolic acids and lignins in the lycopodiales
Abstract Twenty-one species and varieties of Lycopodium have been examined for phenolic acids and for phenolic aldehydes, ketones and acids obtained on ethanolysis or alkaline oxidation of theirExpand
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Sterols of three lichen species: Lobaria pulmonaria, Lobaria Scrobiculata and Usnea Longissima
Abstract Sterols were extracted from the lichens Lobaria pulmonaria, Lobaria scrobiculata and Usnea longissima with chloroform-methanol (2:1) (solvent-extractable fraction) followed by saponificationExpand
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Pulvinamide and possible biosynthetic relationships with pulvinic acid
Abstract A new pulvinic acid derivative, pulvinamide, has been identified as a constituent of Pseudocyphellaria crocata . With the possibility that pulvinamide is a key biosynthetic intermediate aExpand
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