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The myrmecophilous species of Myristica (Myristicaceae) from New Guinea
The phenomenon of myrmecosymbiosis in Myristica, only occurring in some species from New Guinea, is reviewed here. A key to myrmecophilous taxa (and resembling species) is presented, and the statusExpand
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More notes on Knema and Myristica (Myristicaceae)
New material of Knema and Myristica necessitated the description of some new species, subspecies and forms, viz. Knema korthalsii subsp. rimosa, K. kunstleri subsp. pseudostellata. K. latericiaExpand
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Additional notes on species of the Asian genera Endocomis, Horsfieldia, and Knema (Myristicaceae)
Notes are given on various taxa in the Asian genera Endocomia, Horsfieldia, and Knema of the family Myristicaceae. Newly described taxa are Horsfieldia penangiana subsp. obtusifolia, H. perangusta,Expand
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Additions to Asian Myristicaceae: Endocomia, Gymnacranthera, Horsfieldia, Knema, and Myristica
In the genus Horsfieldia 5 new taxa are proposed, viz. one from Vietnam: H. micrantha W.J. de Wilde, a new variety from Thailand: H. amygdalina Wall. var. macrocarpa W.J. de Wilde, one species fromExpand