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The Halo Stars in NGC 5128. III: An Inner-Halo Field and the Metallicity Distribution
We present new HST/WFPC2 (V,I) photometry for the red-giant stars in NGC 5128 at a projected distance of 8 kpc from the galaxy center, which probe a mixture of its inner halo and outer bulge. The
HST Photometry for the Halo Stars in the Leo Elliptical NGC 3377
We have used the ACS camera on HST to obtain (V, I) photometry for 57,000 red-giant stars in the halo of the Leo elliptical NGC 3377, an intermediateluminosity elliptical. We use this sample of stars
Structural Parameters for Globular Clusters in NGC 5128
We present new imaging measurements of 27 individual globular clusters in the halo of the nearby elliptical galaxy NGC 5128, obtained with the Hubble Space Telescope STIS and WFPC2 cameras. Combining
The Metallicity Distribution in the Halo Stars of NGC 5128: Implications for Galaxy Formation
The Hubble Space Telescope has been used to obtain WFPC2 (V,I) photometry for a sample of 10,000 red giant stars in the outer halo of the giant elliptical NGC 5128. Comparison with the fiducial RGBs
Unveiling Palomar 2: The Most Obscure Globular Cluster in the Outer Halo
We present the first color-magnitude study for Palomar 2, a distant and heavily obscured globular cluster near the Galactic anticenter. Our (V,V-I) color-magnitude diagram (CMD), obtained with the
NGC 2419, M92, and the Age Gradient in the Galactic Halo
The WFPC2 camera on HST has been used to obtain deep main sequence photometry of the low-metallicity ([Fe/H]=-2.14), outer-halo globular cluster NGC 2419. A differential fit of the NGC 2419 CMD to
M87, Globular Clusters, and Galactic Winds: Issues in Giant Galaxy Formation
New VRI photometry is presented for the globular clusters in the innermost 140'' of the M87 halo. The results are used to discuss several issues concerning the formation and evolution of globular
The Globular Cluster Systems in the Coma Ellipticals. II: Metallicity Distribution and Radial Structure in NGC 4874, and Implications for Galaxy Formation
Deep HST/WFPC2 (V,I) photometry is used to investigate the globular cluster system (GCS) in NGC 4874, the central cD galaxy of the Coma cluster. The luminosity function of the clusters displays its
The Globular Cluster Systems in the Coma Ellipticals. III: The Unique Case of IC 4051
Using archival \hst WFPC2 data, we derive the metallicity distribution, luminosity function, and spatial structure of the globular cluster system around IC 4051, a giant E galaxy on the outskirts of
The Leo Elliptical NGC 3379: A Metal-Poor Halo Emerges
We have used the ACS camera on HST to obtain (V, I) photometry for 5300 red-giant stars in the halo of the dominant Leo-group member NGC 3379, a galaxy usually regarded as a classic normal giant