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A brief review on correlates of physical activity and sedentariness in youth.
INTRODUCTION Better understanding of the correlates of physical activity and sedentary behaviors in youth will support the development of effective interventions that promote a physically activeExpand
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Assessing cardiorespiratory fitness without performing exercise testing.
BACKGROUND Low cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF) is associated with increased risk of chronic diseases and mortality; however, CRF assessment is usually not performed in many healthcare settings. TheExpand
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Effect of school based physical activity programme (KISS) on fitness and adiposity in primary schoolchildren: cluster randomised controlled trial
Objective To assess the effectiveness of a school based physical activity programme during one school year on physical and psychological health in young schoolchildren. Design Cluster randomisedExpand
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Are neck flexion, neck rotation, and sitting at work risk factors for neck pain? Results of a prospective cohort study
OBJECTIVE To study the relation between neck pain and work related neck flexion, neck rotation, and sitting. METHODS A prospective cohort study was performed with a follow up of 3 years among 1334Expand
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Tracking of childhood overweight into adulthood: a systematic review of the literature.
Overweight and obesity in youth are important public health concerns and are of particular interest because of possible long-term associations with adult weight status and morbidity. The aim of thisExpand
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Environmental influences on energy balance-related behaviors: A dual-process view
BackgroundStudies on the impact of the 'obesogenic' environment have often used non-theoretical approaches. In this journal's debate and in other papers authors have argued the necessity ofExpand
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Running injuries. A review of the epidemiological literature.
Running is one of the most popular leisure sports activities. Next to its beneficial health effects, negative side effects in terms of sports injuries should also be recognised. Given the limitationsExpand
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The Effect of a Proprioceptive Balance Board Training Program for the Prevention of Ankle Sprains
Background Ankle sprains are the most common injuries in a variety of sports. Hypothesis A proprioceptive balance board program is effective for prevention of ankle sprains in volleyball players.Expand
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Psychosocial risk factors for neck pain: a systematic review.
BACKGROUND Neck pain, which is assumed to be a multifactorial disease, is a major problem in modern society. METHODS To identify the most important psychosocial risk factors for neck pain, aExpand
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Sedentary behaviors and health outcomes among adults: a systematic review of prospective studies.
CONTEXT Nowadays, people spend a substantial amount of time per day on sedentary behaviors and it is likely that the time spent sedentary will continue to rise. To date, there is no review ofExpand
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