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Design, construction and tests of the ICARUS T600 detector
We have constructed and operated the ICARUS T600 liquid argon (LAr) time projection chamber (TPC). The ICARUS T600 detector is the largest LAr TPC ever built, with a size of about 500 tons of fullyExpand
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The NA61/SHINE Collaboration
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Study of electron recombination in liquid argon with the ICARUS TPC
Electron recombination in liquid argon (LAr) is studied by means of charged particle tracks collected in various ICARUS liquid argon TPC prototypes. The dependence of the recombination on theExpand
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Measurement of the mu decay spectrum with the ICARUS liquid argon TPC
Examples are given which prove the ICARUS detector quality through relevant physics mea- surements. We study the µ decay energy spectrum from a sample of stopping µ events acquired during
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The FAZIA project in Europe: R&D phase
The goal of the FAZIA Collaboration is the design of a new-generation 4π detector array for heavy-ion collisions with radioactive beams. This article summarizes the main results of the R&D phase,Expand
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Analysis of the liquid argon purity in the ICARUS T600 TPC
Abstract The results reported in this paper are based on the analysis of the data recorded with the first half-module of the ICARUS T600 liquid argon Time Projection Chamber (LAr TPC), during aExpand
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Observation of long ionizing tracks with the ICARUS T600 first half-module
F. Arneodo, B. Bade"ek, A. Badertscher, B. Baiboussinov, M. Baldo Ceolin, G. Battistoni, B. Bekman, P. Benetti, E. Bernardini, M. Bischofberger, A. Borio di Tigliole, R. Brunetti, A. Bueno, E.Expand
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Secondary radiation dose during high-energy total body irradiation
AimThe goal of this work was to assess the additional dose from secondary neutrons and γ-rays generated during total body irradiation (TBI) using a medical linac X-ray beam.BackgroundNuclearExpand
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Background Neutron Radiation in the Vicinity of Varian Clinac-2300 Medical Accelerator Working in the 20 MV Mode
The neutron fluences and the mean energies of neutrons on the treatment couch, on walls in the accelerator bunker were determined for the Varian Clinac-2300 linac working in the 20 MV mode.Expand
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Particle identification method in the CsI(Tl) scintillator used for the CHIMERA 4π detector
Abstract The charged particle identification obtained by the analysis of signals coming from the CsI(Tl) detectors of the CHIMERA 4 π heavy-ion detector is presented. A simple double-gate integrationExpand
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