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An extension of a theorem by Cheeger and Müller
© Société mathématique de France, 1992, tous droits réservés. L’accès aux archives de la collection « Astérisque » (http://smf4.emath.fr/ Publications/Asterisque/) implique l’accord avec lesExpand
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An analytic proof of the geometric quantization conjecture of Guillemin-Sternberg
Abstract. We present a direct analytic approach to the Guillemin-Sternberg conjecture [GS] that `geometric quantization commutes with symplectic reduction', which was proved recently by MeinrenkenExpand
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Geometric quantization for proper moment maps: the Vergne conjecture
We establish an analytic interpretation for the index of certain transversally elliptic symbols on non-compact manifolds. By using this interpretation, we establish a geometric quantization formulaExpand
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Geometric quantization for proper actions
We first introduce an invariant index for G-equivariant elliptic differential operators on a locally compact manifold M admitting a proper cocompact action of a locally compact group G. ItExpand
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Milnor and ray-singer metrics on the equivariant determinant of a flat vector bundle
In this paper, we extend our previous results relating Milnor and Ray-Singer metrics on the determinant of the cohomology of a flat complex vector bundle to the equivariant case. Thus, we extend LottExpand
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Plant height–crown radius and canopy coverage–density relationships determine above-ground biomass–density relationship in stressful environments
Debate continues in theoretical ecology over whether and why the scaling exponent of biomass–density (M–N) relationship varies along environmental gradients. By developing a novel geometric modelExpand
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Large deviations for random sums of negatively dependent random variables with consistently varying tails
Let {Xk,k=1,2,...} be a sequence of negatively dependent random variables with common distribution F and finite expectation [mu]. Under the assumption that the tail probability is consistentlyExpand
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Geometric quantization for proper moment maps
Abstract We establish a geometric quantization formula for Hamiltonian actions of a compact Lie group acting on a non-compact symplectic manifold such that the associated moment map is proper. InExpand
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We show that the holomorphic Morse inequalities proved by Tian and the author [8, 9] are in effect equalities by refining the analytic arguments in [8, 9].
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Superconnection and family Bergman kernels
Abstract We establish an asymptotic expansion for families of Bergman kernels. The key idea is to use the superconnection formalism as in the local family index theorem. To cite this article: X. Ma,Expand
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