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Maritime cluster evolution based on symbiosis theory and Lotka–Volterra model
Over the past few years, the concept of cluster has been regarded and adopted as a useful policy tool in analyzing maritime industry development. However, there is a lack of studies on theExpand
Effect of different isocyanates on the properties of soy‐based polyurethanes
New types of polyurethanes were prepared by reacting soybean oil-based polyol and different isocya- nates. The polyurethanes can be used as foams, elastomers, coatings, adhesives, etc. TheirExpand
Understanding and improving deep learning-based rolling bearing fault diagnosis with attention mechanism
Attention mechanism is introduced to assist the deep network to locate the informative data segments, extract the discriminative features of inputs, and visualize the learned diagnosis knowledge. Expand
Structure and properties of polyurethanes based on halogenated and nonhalogenated soy–polyols
Four polyols were prepared by a ring opening of epoxidized soybean oil with HCl, HBr, methanol, and by hydrogenation. Two series of polyurethanes were prepared by reacting the polyols with twoExpand
Modeling Free-Surface Seepage Flow in Complicated Fractured Rock Mass Using a Coupled RPIM-FEM Method
The prediction of the free-surface seepage flow behavior in fractured rock mass is of significance in geotechnical engineering. There are two major issues in solving the seepage flow in complicatedExpand
Microseismic migration by semblance-weighted stacking and interferometry
Summary Migration-based methods are attractive for microseismic event location because they can automatically locate the events without manually picking P- and S-wave arrivals. For real-timeExpand
Region-Wide Glacier Mass Budgets for the Tanggula Mountains between ∼1969 and ∼2015 Derived from Remote Sensing Data
ABSTRACT Temporal changes in the properties of glaciers located on the central Tibetan Plateau are a sensitive indicator of climate change and the water supply. To estimate the region-wide glacierExpand
Cubic with Faster Convergence: An Improved Cubic Fast Convergence Mechanism
An improved fast convergence mechanism which is called Cubic with Faster Convergence is proposed which uses a new bandwidth releasing method instead of simply cut down ssthresh directly and can significantly reduce the convergence time. Expand
The workflow to analyze hydraulic fracture effect on hydraulic fractured horizontal well production in composite formation system
Hydraulic fracturing generally leads to highly complex hydraulic networks for tight oil reservoirs. It is significant to understand the hydraulic fracture effect on well performance. As an effectiveExpand
Characterization of high-permeability streak in mature waterflooding reservoirs using pressure transient analysis
Abstract The characterization of thief zone, which evolves from long-term waterflooding, has become imperative in the enhanced oil recovery process. As one typical kind of thief zone, pressureExpand