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Human CyP33 binds specifically to mRNA and binding stimulates PPIase activity of hCyP33
Human nuclear cyclophilin 33 (hCyP33) was the first protein which was found to contain an RNA‐binding motif and a PPIase domain. It was not known what cellular and physiological roles are played byExpand
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The mouse FKBP23 binds to BiP in ER and the binding of C‐terminal domain is interrelated with Ca2+ concentration
FK506 binding protein 23 from mouse (mFKBP23) is a peptidyl‐prolyl cis‐trans isomerase (PPIase) from the endoplasmic reticulum (ER), which consists of an N‐terminal PPIase domain and a C‐terminalExpand
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Rational design of multifunctional properties for styrene-butadiene rubber reinforced by modified Kevlar nanofibers
Abstract In this work, a facile and effective approach is developed to obtain the water-dispersible Kevlar nanofibers (KNFs) by modifying KNFs with the assistance of epichlorohydrin (ECH). And theExpand
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[Sequence and Structural Analyses of the Complete Genome of Bovine Papillomavirus 2 Genotype Aks-01 Strain from Skin Samples of Cows in Southern Xinjiang, China].
To study the complete genomic sequence, genomic characteristics, and genetic variation of the bovine papillomavirus 2 genotype (BPV-2) Aks-01 strain at the molecular level, genotyping of this strainExpand
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Mammalian expression of the human sex steroid‐binding protein of plasma (SBP or SHBG) and testis (ABP) Characterization of the recombinant protein
A full‐length 1,209 bp cDNA encoding the human sex steroid‐binding protein of plasma (SBP or SHBG) and testis (ABP) was constructed and expressed in BHK‐21 cells. The sequence agrees with theExpand
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A novel dicationic polyamide ligand binds in the DNA minor groove as a dimer
We have investigated DNA binding properties of a dicationic polyamide molecule (GL020924) that has exhibited unique protein displacement and gene regulation activities. Fluorescence, thermal meltingExpand
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Ultrasensitive and wearable strain sensors based on natural rubber/graphene foam
Abstract Recently, flexible strain sensors have attracted much attention, but there is still a challenge to manufacture flexible strain sensors with superb sensitivity and a large workable strainExpand
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Highly sensitive and flexible strain sensors based on natural rubber/graphene foam composites: the role of pore sizes of graphene foam
The flexible strain sensors have drawn widespread consideration because of their features with excellent stretchability, durability and sensitivity. In this work, graphene foam (GF) withExpand
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CuO ultrathin nanosheets decorated reduced graphene oxide as a high performance anode for lithium-ion batteries
Abstract Two-dimensional (2D) nanocomposites, based on graphene and transition metal oxides, hold great promise as high-performance electrode materials for next-generation lithium-ion batteries.Expand
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