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Trends of environmental accidents and impact factors in China
An overview of the spatial and temporal variations of the environmental accidents in China in recent years was presented in this paper using available data. The results showed that the frequency ofExpand
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Grey water footprint combined with ecological network analysis for assessing regional water quality metabolism
Water pollution is a serious problem in Dianchi Lake Basin, which has resulted in severe pressure on the sustainable utilization of local water resources. This study investigates and quantifies theExpand
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Regional environmental efficiency in China: Analysis based on a regional slack-based measure with environmental undesirable outputs
Abstract As the largest developing country, China has been suffering from resource shortage and serious environmental pollution. Evaluation and improvement of the regional environmental efficiency isExpand
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Application of k-means clustering to environmental risk zoning of the chemical industrial area
  • W. Shi, W. Zeng
  • Computer Science
  • Frontiers of Environmental Science & Engineering
  • 1 February 2014
We use k-means clustering to analyze the environmental risk in the study area with Nanjing Chemical Industrial Park using a 100 m × 100 m mesh grid as the basic zoning unit. Expand
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Dynamic simulation of urban water metabolism under water environmental carrying capacity restrictions
  • W. Zeng, B. Wu, Y. Chai
  • Environmental Science
  • Frontiers of Environmental Science & Engineering
  • 1 February 2016
A revised concept for urban water metabolism (UWM) is presented in this study to address the inadequacies in current research on UWM and the problems associated with the traditional urban waterExpand
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A study on the contribution of industrial restructuring to reduction of carbon emissions in China during the five Five-Year Plan periods
Abstract In China, environmental problems associated with excessive energy consumption are escalating with rapid economic development, and the greenhouse effect caused by increased carbon dioxideExpand
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Optimizing the Regional Industrial Structure Based on the Environmental Carrying Capacity: An Inexact Fuzzy Multi-Objective Programming Model
An inexact fuzzy multi-objective programming model (IFMOP) based on the environmental carrying capacity is provided for industrial structure optimization problems. In the IFMOP model, both fuzzyExpand
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Research on ANN-based Pre-warning Water Bloom Model of LiuHai Lake in Beijing
Abstract Aimed at the Problems of water bloom erupting often in the cities of our country, a Pre-Warning Model for water bloom is developed by using the ANN method; in order to adopt the emergencyExpand
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Provincial-level useful work and influencing factors analysis in China from 1985 to 2016: Based on logarithmic mean divisia index decomposition and affinity propagation clustering
Abstract Different from conventional energy analyses which focus on primary and final stages of energy flows, useful work analysis can describe the last stage of energy transformations to end-uses.Expand
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The application of the Bp neutral network in the estimation of non-point source pollution
Abstract In view of the relatively large basin area in China and the application limitations of small-scale, non-point source (NPS) pollution models, we developed an estimation platform for NPS basedExpand
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