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Observation of antioxidant activity of leaves, callus and suspension culture of Justicia gendarusa
Antioxidant activity and phenolic compound was found in Justicia gendarussa via total phenolic content (TPC) and ,-diphenyl--pycrilhydrazil hydrate (DPPH) radical scavenging assays. The assays wereExpand
The Evaluation of Antioxidant, Antibacterial and Structural Identification Activity of Trimer Resveratrol from Malaysia's Dipterocarpaceae
Dipterocarpus verrucosus is known as "keruing merah" by the local is a species of tree in the family Dipterocarpaceae, endemic to Brunei, Indonesia (Kalimantan, Sumatra), Malaysia (peninsularExpand
Phytochemical screening and antimicrobial efficacy of extracts from Averrhoa bilimbi (Oxalidaceace) fruits against human pathogenic bacteria
Averrhoa bilimbi fruits have medicinal properties for the effective management of several human ailments. To enhance the pharmacological study for it traditional uses, the fruits were extracted withExpand
Premilinary Studies on Phytochemical Screening of Ulam and Fruit from Malaysia
Alkaloids, saponins, steroid, terpenoid, flavonoids, phenolic distribution in 14 Malaysian favourite ulam and fruit belonging to different families were assessed and compared. The plants investigatedExpand
Antimicrobial Activity of Plant Extracts against Bacillus Subtilis, Staphylococcus Aureus and Escherichia Coli
Local herbs have many potential that may be active with antimicrobial activity. A screening was conducted with 11 species of herbs collected in UiTM Pahang Forest Reserve. Epipremnum sp., ZingiberExpand
Cytotoxic Oligostilbenoids from Vatica odorata
Five oligostilbenoids, (-)-trans-resveratrol-13-O-b-D-glucopyranoside 1, (-)-e-viniferin 2, (-)- laevifonol 3 and (-)-hopeaphenol 4, (-)-vaticanol B 5, together with a gallic acid derivative, (-)-Expand
Effect of Post-Harvest Preservation and Extraction Methods on Antioxidant Properties of Alternanthera Sessilis Red
Herbs with antioxidant properties are usually preserved and extracted before being converted into commercial products. The main focus of this study was to determine the effect of preservation of A.Expand
Essential oil from Piperaceae as a potential for biopesticide agents: a review
This review is aimed to present information on the properties of Piperaceae which can be potentially used as a biopesticide. The chemical compounds involved in were different as each species consistExpand
Antioxidant Properties of Vatica pauciflora and Vatica lowii Crude Extracts
Ethyl acetate, methanol and ethanol crude extracts of the woods and twigs of Vatica pauciflora as well as the woods and the stem barks of Vatica lowii have been examined for their antioxidativeExpand