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An Overview of Recent Progress in the Study of Distributed Multi-Agent Coordination
This paper reviews some main results and progress in distributed multi-agent coordination, focusing on papers published in major control systems and robotics journals since 2006. Expand
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Second-Order Consensus for Multiagent Systems With Directed Topologies and Nonlinear Dynamics
This paper considers a second-order consensus problem for multiagent systems with nonlinear dynamics and directed topologies where each agent is governed by both position and velocity consensus terms with a time-varying asymptotic velocity. Expand
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Some necessary and sufficient conditions for second-order consensus in multi-agent dynamical systems
This paper studies some necessary and sufficient conditions for second-order consensus in multi-agent dynamical systems. Expand
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Second-order leader-following consensus of nonlinear multi-agent systems via pinning control
This paper studies the second-order leader-following consensus problem of nonlinear multi-agent systems with general network topologies. Expand
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Consensus Tracking of Multi-Agent Systems With Lipschitz-Type Node Dynamics and Switching Topologies
Distributed consensus tracking is addressed in this paper for multi-agent systems with Lipschitz-type node dynamics and switching directed topologies. Expand
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On pinning synchronization of complex dynamical networks
There exist some fundamental and yet challenging problems in pinning control of complex networks: (1) What types of pinning schemes may be chosen for a given complex network to realizeExpand
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Second-order consensus in multi-agent dynamical systems with sampled position data
A distributed linear consensus protocol with second-order dynamics is designed, where both the current and some sampled position data are utilized. Expand
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Containment of Higher-Order Multi-Leader Multi-Agent Systems: A Dynamic Output Approach
A new class of distributed observer-type containment protocols based on the relative output measurements of the neighboring agents is proposed, removing the impractical assumption that the observers embedded in the multiple dynamic agents have to share information with their neighbors. Expand
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Cryptography based on delayed chaotic neural networks
In this Letter, a novel approach of encryption based on chaotic Hopfield neural networks with time varying delay is proposed. We use the chaotic neural network to generate binary sequences which willExpand
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Consensus in Directed Networks of Agents With Nonlinear Dynamics
  • W. Yu, G. Chen, M. Cao
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control
  • 7 February 2011
This technical note studies the consensus problem for cooperative agents with nonlinear dynamics in a directed network. Expand
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