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Immune Tolerance to Cardiac Myosin Induced by Anti-CD4 Monoclonal Antibody in Autoimmune Myocarditis Rats
It is concluded that immune tolerance to porcine cardiac myosin could be induced by anti-CD4 monoclonal antibody in vivo, and cardiac dysfunction and myocardial injury could be prevented by induction of immune tolerance. Expand
Although gas exploration in deep of Jiyang depression is fruitful in recent years,the research on genetic types of the deep gas has just initiated.It is controversial about the origin of theExpand
An rescaled range analysis on the characteristics of coal seam development in the Eastern depression of the Liaohe Basin
Abstract The characteristics of coal seam development, and the prospects of a favorable coal-forming area, were evaluated for the Liaohe Basin located in China. The Number 3 and Number 9 coal seamExpand
Analysis of avian influenza antibodies in poultry retailing and breeding workers
There is a higher risk of avian influenza infection among poultry retailing workers than that of poultry workers in large scale enterprises and rural individual farms. Expand
Effects of LaH_2 and LaB_6 addition on microstructure and mechanical property of powder metallurgy Ti alloy
Ti-Fe-Mo alloys with rare earth La(LaH2 and LaB6) addition were fabricated by powder metallurgy.The effect of La content on sintering behaviors,microstructures and mechanical properties of theExpand
Zn ion implantation and corrosion behavior of new medical Mg-Ca alloys
New medical Mg-Ca alloys were prepared with a view of comprehensive consideration of biology and metallurgy.The mechanical properties of the alloys could meet the requirement of hard tissueExpand
Analysis of the Practical Significance of Developing Fish Breeding in Paddy Fields
It was pointed out that fish breeding in paddy fields was a model example of circular-economy eco-agriculture.From the aspects of ecological benefits,economic benefits and social benefits,theExpand
Design of Electronic Control System of Hydraulic Excavator with CAN Bus and PID Method
the electronic control system is the core technology of hydraulic excavator and is vital for improving corporate competitiveness. An electronic control system with CAN bus was put forward based onExpand
An Investigation and Analysis of lab infection affair of HFRS in Guangzhou,China.
This affair was arisen by the field mice transmitting the virus of HFRS to the lab animal in the open area and the sufferer contactted those infection animal closely and then been attacked. Expand