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Biting flies and Trypanosoma vivax infection in three highland districts bordering lake Tana, Ethiopia.
Seasonal comparison showed higher fly catches in the late rainy season than the early dry season, which indicated that T. vivax infections culminate in cattle at the same time as mechanical vectors such as Stomoxys sp. Expand
Adding tsetse control to medical activities contributes to decreasing transmission of sleeping sickness in the Mandoul focus (Chad)
This work shows that tiny targets reduced the numbers of tsetse in this focus in Chad, which may have interrupted transmission and the combination of t setse control to medical detection and treatment has played a major role in reducing in HAT incidence in 2014 and 2015. Expand
Baited-boats: an innovative way to control riverine tsetse, vectors of sleeping sickness in West Africa
The demonstration that tsetse can be attracted to targets mounted on canoes typically used in Africa (‘pirogues’) suggests that pirogues might provide a cost-effective and convenient platform for deploying targets to control t setse in the mangrove systems of West Africa where HAT persists. Expand
Delivering ‘tiny targets’ in a remote region of southern Chad: a cost analysis of tsetse control in the Mandoul sleeping sickness focus
This study has confirmed that tiny targets provide a consistently low cost option for controlling tsetse in gambiense HAT foci in Chad. Expand
Variations in attack behaviours between Glossina palpalis gambiensis and G. tachinoides in a gallery forest suggest host specificity
This study showed that these sympatric species had different attack behaviours to humans, which is not the case with the target, and the implications of these findings are discussed. Expand