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Allele-specific Holliday junction formation: a new mechanism of allelic discrimination for SNP scoring.
We report here a new mechanism for allelic discrimination--allele-specific Holliday Junction formation. The Holliday Junction (HJ) is a unique DNA structure that can be formed in aExpand
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Denicotinized versus average nicotine tobacco cigarette smoking differentially releases striatal dopamine.
INTRODUCTION Nicotine has long been recognized as a necessary but insufficient component of tobacco cigarettes to maintain a psychophysiological need to smoke. This study examined venous plasmaExpand
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Homozygous Deletion of Six Olfactory Receptor Genes in a Subset of Individuals with Beta-Thalassemia
Progress in the functional studies of human olfactory receptors has been largely hampered by the lack of a reliable experimental model system. Although transgenic approaches in mice couldExpand
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Antisense oligonucleotide-mediated correction of transcriptional dysregulation is correlated with behavioral benefits in the YAC128 mouse model of Huntington's disease.
BACKGROUND Huntington's disease (HD) is a neurological disorder caused by mutations in the huntingtin (HTT) gene, the product of which leads to selective and progressive neuronal cell death in theExpand
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Analysis of mannitol in pharmaceutical formulations using hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography with evaporative light-scattering detection.
This study demonstrates the use of hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography (HILIC) for the separation of both active and inactive ingredients in pharmaceuticals from a single injection.Expand
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Detecting the C282Y and H63D mutations of the HFE gene by Holliday Junction-based allele-specific genotyping methods.
Hereditary hemochromatosis, one of the most common genetic diseases in Caucasians, is characterized by excessive iron deposition secondary to hyperabsorption of dietary iron and can potentially canExpand
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Prognostic Significance of Genomic Alterations in Mantle Cell Lymphoma
Background Whole genome, whole exome, and targeted sequencing have identified various genomic alterations in mantle cell lymphoma (MCL). There remains limited data correlating genomic alterationsExpand
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A Comparison Study of Buxiban Learning in Hong Kong and Taiwan
The study aimed to explore students’ perspective and reasons for going to a Buxiban, and whether their English ability improved after attending a Buxiban. Buxibans, also known as cram schools,Expand
Relationship between the Computed Tomography - Measured Initial Primary Tumor Volume, Urine VMA Level and Stage in Neuroblastoma Patients
Background: Nowadays, volumetric data acquisition has allowed for the accurate quantification of volumetric tumor burden. However, few studies have focused on the relationship between neuroblastomaExpand