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Sensitivity of the Enhanced Vegetation Index (EVI) and Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) to Topographic Effects: A Case Study in High-Density Cypress Forest
Vegetation indices play an important role in monitoring variations in vegetation. The Enhanced Vegetation Index (EVI) proposed by the MODIS Land Discipline Group and the Normalized DifferenceExpand
An Energy-Efficient Nonvolatile In-Memory Computing Architecture for Extreme Learning Machine by Domain-Wall Nanowire Devices
The data-oriented applications have introduced increased demands on memory capacity and bandwidth, which raises the need to rethink the architecture of the current computing platforms. TheExpand
A High-Order Imaging Algorithm for High-Resolution Spaceborne SAR Based on a Modified Equivalent Squint Range Model
In this paper, a novel high-order imaging algorithm for high-resolution spaceborne SAR is presented, where improved subaperture processing is introduced to remove azimuth aliasing, and accurate focusing is achieved by an extended hybrid correlation algorithm. Expand
Mitigation of Azimuth Ambiguities in Spaceborne Stripmap SAR Images Using Selective Restoration
A novel framework is proposed for mitigating azimuth ambiguities in spaceborne stripmap synthetic aperture radar (SAR) images. Expand
Domain Progressive 3D Residual Convolution Network to Improve Low-Dose CT Imaging
The wide applications of X-ray computed tomography (CT) bring low-dose CT (LDCT) into a clinical prerequisite, but reducing the radiation exposure in CT often leads to significantly increased noise and artifacts, which might lower the judgment accuracy of radiologists. Expand
A Novel 24-Pulse Diode Rectifier with an Auxiliary Single-Phase Full-Wave Rectifier at DC Side
A simple and robust 24-pulse diode rectifier for low-voltage and high-current applications is proposed in this paper. The proposed 24-pulse diode rectifier consists of a conventional four-starExpand
SAR Image Despeckling by Selective 3D Filtering of Multiple Compressive Reconstructed Images
A despeckling technique based on multiple image reconstruction and selective 3-dimensional flltering is proposed. Multiple SAR images are reconstructed from a single SAR image by employingExpand
Effect of crystallinity level on the double yielding behavior of polyamide 6
Abstract A complex double yielding behavior is observed in the engineering stress–strain curves of injection molded specimens of polyamide 6 (PA6) under tensile loading, and a simple method is putExpand
Ply stacking sequence optimization of composite laminate by permutation discrete particle swarm optimization
Stacking sequence optimization (SSO) of laminate will greatly improve its mechanical properties without weight penalty. In this paper, a novel permutation discrete particle swarm optimization (PDPSO)Expand
Fast digital envelope detector based on generalized harmonic wavelet transform for BOTDR performance improvement
We propose a fast digital envelope detector (DED) based on the generalized harmonic wavelet transform to improve the performance of coherent heterodyne Brillouin optical time domain reflectometry.Expand