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Cultivar Evaluation and Mega‐Environment Investigation Based on the GGE Biplot
Cultivar evaluation and mega-environment identification are among the most important objectives of multi-environment trials (MET). Although the measured yield is a combined result of effects ofExpand
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GGE Biplot Analysis: A Graphical Tool for Breeders, Geneticists, and Agronomists
GENOTYPE-BY-ENVIRONMENT INTERACTION AND STABILITY ANALYSIS Genotype-by-Environment Interaction Heredity and Environment Genotype-by-Environment Interaction Implications of GEI in Crop Breeding CausesExpand
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GGEbiplot—A Windows Application for Graphical Analysis of Multienvironment Trial Data and Other Types of Two-Way Data
  • W. Yan
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  • 1 September 2001
facilitate the application of the GGE biplot methodology in MET data analysis and in analyses of other types Plant breeding trials produce quantities of data and finding the of two-way data, aExpand
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Biplot analysis of multi-environment trial data: Principles and applications
Biplot analysis has evolved into an important statistical tool in plant breeding and agricultural research. Here we review the basic principles of biplot analysis and recent developments in itsExpand
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GGE Biplot vs. AMMI Analysis of Genotype-by-Environment Data
The use of genotype main effect (G) plus genotype-by-environment (GE) interaction (G+GE) biplot analysis by plant breeders and other agricultural researchers has increased dramatically during theExpand
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Biplot Analysis of Test Sites and Trait Relations of Soybean in Ontario.
Superior crop cultivars must be identified through multi-environment trials (MET) and on the basis of multiple traits. The objectives of this paper were to describe two types of biplots, the GGEExpand
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Singular-Value Partitioning in Biplot Analysis of Multienvironment Trial Data
GGE biplot, is an ideal tool for MET data analysis (Yan, 2001; Yan et al., 2000, 2001). A GGE biplot that Multienvironment trials (MET) are conducted every year for all sufficiently approximates theExpand
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An Equation for Modelling the Temperature Response of Plants using only the Cardinal Temperatures
Abstract Temperature is one of the most important factors that determine plant growth, development, and yield. Accurate summarization of plant temperature response is thus a prerequisite toExpand
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Biplot Analysis of Diallel Data.
Diallel crosses have been used in genetic research to determine the inheritance of important traits among a set of genotypes and to identify superior parents for hybrid or cultivar development.Expand
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Two Types of GGE Biplots for Analyzing Multi‐Environment Trial Data
SA genotype main effect plus genotype x environment interaction (GGE) biplot graphically displays the genotypic main effect (G) and the genotype x environment interaction (GE) of the multienvironmentExpand
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