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Early Cretaceous adakitic granites in the Northern Dabie Complex, central China: Implications for partial melting and delamination of thickened lower crust
Abstract To date, few adakitic rocks have been reported in direct association with contemporary intra-continental extensional structures, which has cast doubt on genetic models involving partialExpand
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Cretaceous high-potassium intrusive rocks in the Yueshan-Hongzhen area of east China: Adakites in an extensional tectonic regime within a continent
Adakites are generally associated with subduction zones (i.e., at convergent plate margins). This paper reports geochemical and isotopic data for early Cretaceous high-potassium adakitic intrusiveExpand
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Asymptotic results for exponential functionals of Levy processes
In this work we give a complete description to the asymptotic behaviors of exponential functionals of L\'evy processes and divide them into five different types according to their convergence rates.Expand
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Palaeomagnetism of late Cretaceous sediments from southern Tibet: Evidence for the consistent palaeolatitudes of the southern margin of Eurasia prior to the collision with India
Abstract Twenty sites were drilled in the late Cretaceous Shexing Formation for palaeomagnetic studies in the Lhasa terrane near the locality of Maxiang (29.9°N/90.7°E). The stepwise thermalExpand
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Characteristics and formation mechanism of continuous hazes in China: a case study during the autumn of 2014 in the North China Plain
Abstract. Four extreme haze episodes occurred in October 2014 in the North China Plain (NCP). To clarify the formation mechanism of hazes in autumn, strengthened observations were conducted inExpand
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Quasi passive bounding of a quadruped model with articulated spine
Abstract The motion of spine in passive quadrupedal bounding and its effect on leg behavior were presented in this paper. First, a simplified sagittal plane model of quadruped mammals was introduced.Expand
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Continuous-State Branching Processes in Lévy Random Environments
A general continuous-state branching processes in random environment (CBRE-process) is defined as the strong solution of a stochastic integral equation. The environment is determined by a LévyExpand
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Charged black hole with a scalar hair in (2 + 1) dimensions
We obtain and analyze an exact solution to Einstein-Maxwell-scalar theory in (2+1) dimensions, in which the scalar field couples to gravity in a nonminimal way, and it also couples to itself with theExpand
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Petrology, geochemistry and geochronology of gabbros from the Zhongcang ophiolitic mélange, central Tibet: Implications for an intra-oceanic subduction zone within the Neo-Tethys Ocean
In order to investigate the evolution of Shiquanhe-Yongzhu-Jiali ophiolitic mélange belt, the gabbros from new discovered Zhongcang ophiolitic mélange are studied through petrology, whole-rockExpand
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