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Particle swarm optimization with particles having quantum behavior
  • J. Sun, B. Feng, W. Xu
  • Computer Science
  • Proceedings of the Congress on Evolutionary…
  • 19 June 2004
We study the individual particle of a PSO system moving in a quantum multidimensional space and establish a quantum delta potential well model for PSO. Expand
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The effect of bulk composition and temperature on mantle seismic structure
Abstract We use a self-consistent thermodynamic formalism to compute the phase equilibria and physical properties of model mantle compositions, demonstrating that the seismological properties of aExpand
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Global distribution of measles genotypes and measles molecular epidemiology.
A critical component of laboratory surveillance for measles is the genetic characterization of circulating wild-type viruses. The World Health Organization (WHO) Measles and Rubella LaboratoryExpand
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An improved quantum-behaved particle swarm optimization algorithm with weighted mean best position
We propose an improved quantum-behaved particle swarm optimization with weighted mean best position according to fitness values of the particles. Expand
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Computational Analysis Identifies Human Adenovirus Type 55 as a Re-Emergent Acute Respiratory Disease Pathogen
ABSTRACT Novel human adenoviruses (HAdVs) arise from genome recombination. Analysis of HAdV type 55 from an outbreak in China shows a hexon recombination between HAdV-B11 and HAdV-B14, resulting in aExpand
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Sister grouping of chimpanzees and humans as revealed by genome-wide phylogenetic analysis of brain gene expression profiles.
Gene expression profiles from the anterior cingulate cortex (ACC) of human, chimpanzee, gorilla, and macaque samples provide clues about genetic regulatory changes in human and other catarrhineExpand
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Quantum-Behaved Particle Swarm Optimization: Analysis of Individual Particle Behavior and Parameter Selection
Quantum-behaved particle swarm optimization (QPSO), motivated by concepts from quantum mechanics, is a probabilistic optimization algorithm belonging to the bare-bones PSO family. Expand
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Multilevel Thresholding for Image Segmentation Through an Improved Quantum-Behaved Particle Swarm Algorithm
An optimal multilevel thresholding algorithm that employs an improved variant of QPSO employing the cooperative method (CQPSO). Expand
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Molecular Evidence of Persistent Epidemic and Evolution of Subgenotype B1 Coxsackievirus A16-Associated Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease in China
ABSTRACT The molecular epidemiology of CVA16 in China between 1999 and 2008 reflects a pattern of endemic cocirculation of clusters B1a and B1b within subgenotype B1 viruses. The annual evolutionExpand
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Progress toward measles elimination in the People's Republic of China, 2000-2009.
In 2006, China set a goal of measles elimination by 2012. To describe progress toward this goal, we reviewed relevant policies and strategies and analyzed national data for 2000-2009. In response toExpand
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