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Single-locus heterotic effects and dominance by dominance interactions can adequately explain the genetic basis of heterosis in an elite rice hybrid
  • J. Hua, Y. Xing, +4 authors Q. Zhang
  • Medicine, Biology
  • Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences…
  • 25 February 2003
The genetic basis of heterosis of an elite rice hybrid was investigated by using an “immortalized F2” population produced by randomly permutated intermating of 240 recombinant inbred lines from aExpand
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Initial position and attitude determination of lunar rovers by INS/CNS integration
Abstract Navigation methods of lunar rovers like inertial navigation system (INS), dead reckoning and visual odometry must be provided with the initial navigation parameters such as initial positionExpand
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Discrimination among pheromone component blends by interneurons in male antennal lobes of two populations of the turnip moth, Agrotis segetum.
A difference in female pheromone production and male behavioral response has previously been found in two populations of the turnip moth, Agrotis segetum, originating from Sweden and Zimbabwe,Expand
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Lunar farside to be explored by Chang’e-4
To the Editor — The Moon’s farside eluded human observation until 4 October 1959, when the Soviet Luna 3 spacecraft flew by. Luna 3 photographed a surface in stark contrast to the lunar nearside;Expand
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Mapping Interspecific Genetic Architecture in a Host–Parasite Interaction System
Under a hypothesis that the host–parasite interaction system is governed by genome-for-genome interaction, we propose a genetic model that integrates genetic information from both the host andExpand
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Pre-LOI trajectory maneuvers of the CHANG′E-2 libration point mission
This paper addresses pre-LOI (before Lissajous orbit insertion) trajectory maneuvers for the libration point mission of CHANG′E-2, which is the first Chinese satellite to fly to the Sun-Earth L2Expand
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Studies on the origin and evolution of jute
There has long been argumentation about the origin and evolution of jute. In the present paper, researches in this field are reviewed. Besides, according to the moden biological concept of speciesExpand
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Technological breakthroughs and scientific progress of the Chang’e-4 mission
Chang’e-4 is the first man-made probe that accomplished landing and roving on the far side of the Moon, which is viewed as a new milestone in the history of Lunar exploration. Beginning with a briefExpand
Virulence genes in wheat and barley were identified through comparative analysis of wheat , barley and rice genomes
Genomics is a major discipline that contributes greatly to plant breeding research and food security at large. The goal of attaining food security would therefore be greatly boosted if we can employExpand