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The association between loss of ankle dorsiflexion range of movement, and hip adduction and internal rotation during a step down test.
A pattern of excessive hip adduction and internal rotation with medial deviation of the knee has been associated with numerous musculo-skeletal dysfunctions. Research into the role that ankleExpand
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A report to inform the development of a clinical practice guideline for rehabilitation post total knee arthroplasty in a South African public hospital
ii Declaration iv Dedication v Acknowledgements vi Table of contents vii List of tables xvii List of figures xix List of abbreviations xx CHAPTER 1 – INTRODUCTION 1 1.1 PROBLEM STATEMENT 2 1.2Expand
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Upper extremity disability among string instrumentalists–use of the quick DASH and the NDI
Abstract Purpose: Playing the string instrument predisposes musicians to musculoskeletal problems in the upper extremity and trunk which usually affects more than one anatomical region. TheseExpand
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Musculoskeletal problems among string instrumentalists in South Africa
Background Musicians who play string instruments are affected more by musculoskeletal injuries when compared to other instrument playing groups. Musculoskeletal problems are commonly found in theExpand
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The effect of trigger point therapy and medicine ball exercises vs trigger point therapy and stretching on hip rotational biomechanics of the golf swings
Background: Elite golfers sustain a large number of lumbar spine injuries. Poor rotational biomechanics, which may occur as a result of a shortened iliopsoas muscle, increase the incidence of lumbarExpand
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Lateral epicondylalgia: an overview
Abstract Lateral epicondylalgia is a complex condition affecting both athletes and sedentary people. Many patients do not respond to physiotherapy and the condition has a high recurrence rate.Expand
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The short-term effects of trigger point therapy, stretching and medicine ball exercises on accuracy and back swing hip turn in elite, male golfers - A randomised controlled trial.
OBJECTIVES This study aimed to compare the effect of myofascial trigger point therapy (MTPT) and stretching, MTPT and medicine ball exercises, and no intervention, on hip flexor length (HFL), golfExpand
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The association between trunk muscle endurance and lumbo-pelvic stability in adolescent low back pain: A cross sectional study
Decreased trunk muscle endurance has been identified as a risk factor for adolescent LBP, and poor lumbo-pelvic stability has been found to be associated with LBP in the adult population. The aim ofExpand
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Barriers and facilitators in implementing an exercise-based injury prevention program for string players.
BACKGROUND Musicians are at risk of developing playing-related injuries/musculoskeletal problems - to the extent that several injury-prevention strategies have been employed by them. In order toExpand
Intra- and inter-rater reliability of the Knee Society Knee Score when used by two physiotherapists in patients post total knee arthroplasty Research Article
Background and Purpose: It has yet to be shown whether routine physiotherapy plays a role in the rehabilitation of patients post total knee arthroplasty (Rajan et al 2004). Physiotherapists should beExpand