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Molecular phylogeny of acariform mites (Acari, Arachnida): strong conflict between phylogenetic signal and long-branch attraction artifacts.
Acariformes (one of the two main lineages of Acari) represent an exceptionally diverse group of Arachnida. We performed first comprehensive phylogenetic analysis of Acariformes using sequence dataExpand
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Morphological adaptation for precopulatory guarding in astigmatic mites (Acari: Acaridida)
Abstract Precopulatory guarding of female tritonymph is common in feather mites, Proctophyllodes stylifer and P. picae (Proctophyllodidae), and is assumed to be present in psoroptid skin parasites,Expand
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Sperm competition in the Acari
Literature on sperm competition in the Acari is reviewed and supplemented with the author's unpublished observations. As in other animals, morphology and physiology of the female reproductive tractExpand
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Egg-Shells in mites: Cytological aspects of vitelline envelope and chorion formation in Pergamasus barbarus berlese (Gamasida, Pergamasidae)
Abstract Transformations leading to the appearance of the perivitelline space and vitelline envelope, the structure of the vitelline envelope, and the structure and origin of the chorion inExpand
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Egg-shells in mites
SummaryThis communication presents results of studies on the formation and structure of the vitelline envelopes in three species of mites: Euryparasitus emarginatus (Gamasida), ErythraeusExpand
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Aclerogamasus stenocornis sp.n., a fossil mite from the Baltic amber [Acari: Gamasida: Parasitidae]
Aclerogamasus stenocornis sp. n., the eigth fossil anactinotrichid mite and the first fossil mite of Parasitidae, is described. The mite is embedded in Baltic amber and shows conspicuous shape ofExpand
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Anatomy and ultrastructure of the reproductive systems ofAcarus siro (Acari: Acaridae)
Anatomy and ultrastructure of the female and male reproductive system inAcarus siro L. were investigated by light and electron microscopy. The female system consists of paired ovaries of nutrimentaryExpand
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Virus- and rickettsia-infected sperm cells in arthropods
Abstract An extensive survey of male germ cells from various arthropods has shown that these cells—in contrast to oocytes—normally are devoid of intracellular parasitic or symbiontic microorganisms.Expand
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Spermatogenesis and postinseminational alterations of sperm structure in a Sarcoptid mite, Notoedres cati (Hering) (Acari, Acaridida, Sarcoptidae)
Ultrastructural features of sperm formation and their postinseminational alterations in a sarcoptid mite, Notoedres cati, were described. In the testes, the spermatogonia, spermatocytes, spermatidsExpand
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