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Transesophageal echocardiography-related gastrointestinal complications in cardiac surgical patients.
OBJECTIVE The aim of this audit was to determine the incidence of major gastrointestinal (GI) complications associated with intraoperative transesophageal echocardiography (TEE) in adult cardiacExpand
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The effects of recent aspirin ingestion on platelet function in cardiac surgical patients.
OBJECTIVE To examine the effects of the preoperative aspirin-free interval on platelet function in cardiac surgical patients. DESIGN Prospective clinical investigation. SETTINGExpand
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Evaluation of the TAS coagulation analyzer for monitoring heparin effect in cardiac surgical patients.
OBJECTIVE To assess the relationship between the Thrombolytic Assessment System (TAS); (Cardiovascular Diagnostics, Inc, Raleigh, NC) measurements and heparin levels in cardiac surgical patients. Expand
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Drug therapy before coronary artery surgery: nitrates are independent predictors of mortality and beta-adrenergic blockers predict survival.
UNLABELLED We conducted this study to evaluate whether there is an association between preoperative drug therapy and in-hospital mortality in patients undergoing coronary artery graft surgery. WeExpand
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The effect of preoperative aspirin-free interval on red blood cell transfusion requirements in cardiac surgical patients.
OBJECTIVE To compare red blood cell transfusion in first-time coronary artery surgery patients who stopped taking aspirin < or = 2 days, 3 to 7 days, or >7 days preoperatively. DESIGN ObservationalExpand
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Traditional Chinese acupuncture as an antiemetic.
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A comparison of CardioQ and thermodilution cardiac output during off-pump coronary artery surgery.
OBJECTIVE To compare CardioQ esophageal Doppler cardiac output and thermodilution cardiac output during off-pump coronary artery bypass surgery. DESIGN Prospective clinical study. SETTINGExpand
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Moderate Exposure to Allogeneic Blood Products Is Not Associated with Reduced Long-term Survival after Surgery for Coronary Artery Disease
Background:It has been suggested that blood transfusion has an adverse effect on long-term health, mainly through immune modulation and tumor promotion. To further assess this concern, the authorsExpand
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Comparison of the Pentax Airway Scope® and McGrath® Videolaryngoscope with the Macintosh Laryngoscope in Tracheal Intubation by Anaesthetists Unfamiliar with Videolaryngoscopes: A Manikin Study
Videolaryngoscopes are becoming widely available and have been suggested as a replacement for the Macintosh in cases of cervical instability or even for use in the first instance. There is limitedExpand
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