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Experimental maintenance of Dirofilaria repens and D. immitis in dogs.
Abstract 1. 1. A Sardinian strain of Dirofilaria repens has been maintained in the laboratory for 6 years during which time 13 dogs have been infected during 3 passages. 1.1. a. The microfilariae ofExpand
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A light and transmission electron-microscopic study of the rat iris in pupillary dilation and constriction.
Abstract Adult rat pupils were dilated with a mixture of 5% phenylephrine hydrochloride and 0·5% cyclopentolate, or constricted with 0·125% echothiophate iodide. The iris tissues were then preparedExpand
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Interactions of amino acids in renal tubular transport.
The effects of intravenous infusions of l-lysine, l-arginine, l-histidine, l-ornithine and l-cysteine at three rates on the plasma levels and excretions of naturally occurring amino acids wereExpand
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Fine structure of mammalian renal cilia
Studies were carried out, using transmission electron microscopy, of the cilia of the nephrons of rat and human kidneys. Cilia were observed in the parietal layer of Bowman's capsule, in the proximalExpand
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Interactions of neutral and acidic amino acids in renal tubular transport.
  • W. Webber
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • The American journal of physiology
  • 1 March 1962
The effects of intravenous infusions of a variety of neutral and acidic amino acids on the plasma concentrations and excretions of naturally occurring amino acids were studied in dogs. Conventional...
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Characteristics of acidic amino acid transport in mammalian kidney.
  • W. Webber
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Canadian journal of biochemistry and physiology
  • 1963
A series of clearance experiments on dogs were carried out which were designed to confirm and characterize the renal tubular reabsorption of glutamic and aspartic acids. Tubular reabsorption wasExpand
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Changes in salt and water distribution, blood pressure, and adrenal activity following neurohypophyseal denervation in the rat.
Diabetes insipidus was induced by stereotaxic placement of a small lesion in the supraopticohypophyseal tract at the median eminence of the hypothalamus. The presence of diabetes insipidus wasExpand
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The Imaging Compton Telescope Comptel on the Gamma Ray Observatory
This instrument is based on a newly established concept of ¿-ray detection in the very difficult 1-30 MeV range. It employs the unique feature of a two-step interaction of the y-ray: a ComptonExpand
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The permeability of the immature glomerulus to large molecules.
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Extraction of amino acids from and their addition to renal blood plasma
Twenty paired samples of arterial and renal venous plasma, collected simultaneously from dogs in ammonium chloride acidosis, were analyzed by column chromatography for 23 α-amino acids. FifteenExpand
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