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Mobility measurement by analysis of fluorescence photobleaching recovery kinetics.
Fluorescence photobleaching recovery (FPR) denotes a method for measuring two-dimensional lateral mobility of fluorescent particles, for example, the motion of fluorescently labeled molecules inExpand
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Precise nanometer localization analysis for individual fluorescent probes.
Calculation of the centroid of the images of individual fluorescent particles and molecules allows localization and tracking in light microscopes to a precision about an order of magnitude greaterExpand
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Two-photon laser scanning fluorescence microscopy.
Molecular excitation by the simultaneous absorption of two photons provides intrinsic three-dimensional resolution in laser scanning fluorescence microscopy. The excitation of fluorophores havingExpand
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Nonlinear magic: multiphoton microscopy in the biosciences
Multiphoton microscopy (MPM) has found a niche in the world of biological imaging as the best noninvasive means of fluorescence microscopy in tissue explants and living animals. Coupled withExpand
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Thermodynamic Fluctuations in a Reacting System-Measurement by Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy
The temporal correlations of thermodynamic concentration fluctuations have been measured in a chemically reactive system at equilibrium by observing fluctuations of the fluorescence of a reactionExpand
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Live tissue intrinsic emission microscopy using multiphoton-excited native fluorescence and second harmonic generation
Multicolor nonlinear microscopy of living tissue using two- and three-photon-excited intrinsic fluorescence combined with second harmonic generation by supermolecular structures produces images withExpand
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Imaging coexisting fluid domains in biomembrane models coupling curvature and line tension
Lipid bilayer membranes—ubiquitous in biological systems and closely associated with cell function—exhibit rich shape-transition behaviour, including bud formation and vesicle fission. MembranesExpand
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Measurement of two-photon excitation cross sections of molecular fluorophores with data from 690 to 1050 nm
Measurements of two-photon fluorescence excitation (TPE) spectra are presented for 11 common molecular fluorophores in the excitation wavelength range 690 nm < λ < 1050 nm. Results of excitation byExpand
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Dynamics of fluorescence fluctuations in green fluorescent protein observed by fluorescence correlation spectroscopy.
We have investigated the pH dependence of the dynamics of conformational fluctuations of green fluorescent protein mutants EGFP (F64L/S65T) and GFP-S65T in small ensembles of molecules in solution byExpand
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Zero-Mode Waveguides for Single-Molecule Analysis at High Concentrations
Optical approaches for observing the dynamics of single molecules have required pico- to nanomolar concentrations of fluorophore in order to isolate individual molecules. However, many biologicallyExpand
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