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Agenda Setting and International News: Media Influence on Public Perceptions of Foreign Nations
A national poll and a content analysis of network newscasts examined if coverage of foreign nations had an agenda-setting influence. The more media coverage a nation received, the more likely
The Public and the National Agenda: How People Learn about Important Issues
Contents: Preface. Theoretical Underpinnings of the Agenda-Setting Process. The Agenda-Setting Susceptibility Measure. Effects of Demographic and Psychological Variables on Agenda Setting. Effects of
Agenda Setting and Issue Salience Online
Media coverage apparently can provide individuals with information they can use in their EBB specific-issue discussions, and an ARIMA model cross-correlational test showed EBB discussions of three issuescorrelated with news media coverage, with time lags varying from 1 day to 7 days.
Second-Level Agenda Setting in the New Hampshire Primary: A Comparison of Coverage in Three Newspapers and Public Perceptions of Candidates
Second-level agenda setting was examined during the New Hampshire primary through a comparison of Gallup poll responses and coverage in three newspapers in the region. Results show that John McCain
The Effects of Credibility, Reliance, and Exposure on Media Agenda-Setting: A Path Analysis Model
This study examined three audience attributes in the agenda-setting process: individuals' perceived credibility of the news media, their reliance on the news media for information, and their exposure
Women in the Newsroom: Influences of Female Editors and Reporters on the News Agenda
This study compared issue agendas and story focus at newspapers with relatively high percentages of women in editorial positions with those at newspapers with lower percentages of female editors.
International Elections on US Network News
A content analysis examined factors that could predict coverage of international elections on US newscasts. All 138 elections held between 1 January 1998 and 1 May 2000 were included in the analysis.
Drug Peddlers: How Four Presidents Attempted to Influence Media and Public Concern on the Drug Issue
This agenda-building study examined the presidencies of Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, and George H. W. Bush to determine to what degree they influenced media and public concern for the
Intermedia Agenda Setting in Television, Advertising, and Blogs During the 2004 Election
This study examined whether the candidate-controlled public relations tools of political ads and candidate blogs were successful in influencing the issue and news agenda of the major television news
The Effects of Dominant Photographs: An Agenda-Setting Experiment
Though the vast majority of research into the agenda-setting function of the press has produced findings which support the theory, some questions remain unresolved.' One such area involves causality.