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Solutions to performance problems in VoIP over a 802.11 wireless LAN
  • W. Wang, S. Liew, V. Li
  • Engineering, Computer Science
  • IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology
  • 24 January 2005
This paper proposes and investigates a scheme that can improve the VoIP capacity by close to 100% without changing the standard 802.11 CSMA/CA protocol. Expand
Sulforaphane Inhibits the Generation of Amyloid-β Oligomer and Promotes Spatial Learning and Memory in Alzheimer's Disease (PS1V97L) Transgenic Mice.
Abnormal amyloid-β (Aβ) aggregates are a striking feature of Alzheimer's disease (AD), and Aβ oligomers have been proven to be crucial in the pathology of AD. Any intervention targeting theExpand
Using Proximity and Homophily to Connect Conference Attendees in a Mobile Social Network
In an academic conference, it is difficult to find people that share similar research interests with you, and it is also a chore to add them into your personal online social network for later communication. Expand
A high-efficiency denitrification bioreactor for the treatment of acrylonitrile wastewater using waterborne polyurethane immobilized activated sludge.
The performance of a laboratory-scale, high-efficiency denitrification bioreactor (15L) using activated sludge immobilized by waterborne polyurethane in treating acrylonitrile wastewater with highExpand
Robust Routing and Scheduling in Wireless Mesh Networks under Dynamic Traffic Conditions
In this paper, we propose a robust routing-and-scheduling scheme that achieves robust performance under traffic information uncertainty. Expand
DAPASA: Detecting Android Piggybacked Apps Through Sensitive Subgraph Analysis
We propose DAPASA, an approach to detect Android piggybacked apps through sensitive subgraph analysis. Expand
National survey on critical values notification of 599 institutions in China
Abstract Background: A national cross-sectional survey on the reporting of critical values was conducted to provide suggestions on monitoring of the quality indicator and obtain the goal of qualityExpand
Integration Gain of Heterogeneous WiFi/WiMAX Networks
We study the integrated WiFi/WiMAX networks, where users are equipped with dual-radio interfaces that can connect to either a WiFi or a WiMAX network. Expand
Cooperative Planning of Active Distribution System With Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Storage Systems
A multi-objective, multi-level model is proposed for active distribution system expansion planning with high-penetration renewable energy sources (RESs) and energy storage systems (ESSs). Expand
Long-Term Persistence of Newly Initiated Warfarin Therapy in Chinese Patients With Nonvalvular Atrial Fibrillation
Background—Despite its therapeutic efficacy, warfarin is extremely underused in Chinese patients with nonvalvular atrial fibrillation (AF). Whether the nonpersistence of warfarin treatmentExpand