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Synergistic interactions of CO2 enrichment and nitrogen deposition promote growth and ecophysiological advantages of invading Eupatorium adenophorum in Southwest China
Global environmental change and ongoing biological invasions are the two prominent ecological issues threatening biodiversity worldwide, and investigations of their interaction will aid to predictExpand
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Higher photosynthesis, nutrient- and energy-use efficiencies contribute to invasiveness of exotic plants in a nutrient poor habitat in northeast China.
The roles of photosynthesis-related traits in invasiveness of introduced plant species are still not well elucidated, especially in nutrient-poor habitats. In addition, little effort has been made toExpand
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Different enhancement of senescence induced by metabolic products of Alternaria alternata in tobacco leaves of different ages.
The purpose of this study was to explore the mechanisms by which Alternaria alternata damages tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum) leaves. Treatment with A. alternata metabolic products enhanced senescence inExpand
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High resource capture and use efficiency and prolonged growth season contribute to invasiveness of Eupatorium adenophorum
To explore the traits contributing to invasion success of Eupatorium adenophorum, a noxious invasive perennial forb throughout the subtropics in Asia, Oceania, Africa, and USA, we compared theExpand
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Wood used in ancient timber architecture in Shanxi Province, China
We examined fifty main structural components from fifteen historical wood buildings located in the northern, central, southern and south-eastern regions of Shanxi Province, China and dating from theExpand
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Comparative Study of Plant Diversity between Betula alnoides Plantations and Adjacent Natural Forests
Betula alnoides is one of the most important native, broadleaf timber species for plantation establishment in southwestern China. With the rapid expansion of plantations in the region, it isExpand
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A sophisticated species conservation strategy for Nyssa yunnanensis, a species with extremely small populations in China
Conservation of plant species with extremely small populations (PSESP) is a focus of wild plant conservation in China at present. A relevant strategy for PSESP conservation requires improvement fromExpand
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Prevention and control strategies of general surgeons under COVID-19 pandemic
Abstract The novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and the disease caused by it, COVID-19, have spread to virtually all countries worldwide within just a few months. The economic and sanitary impact hasExpand
The Impact of Environmental Regulation on High Energy-consuming Enterprises Competitiveness in Zhejiang Province Based on Heavy Chemical, Medicine, Chemical Fiber, Plastics Industry Data Research
The output value of high energy-consuming industries is the main source of economic growth in various provinces. The economic growth of high-energy-consuming industries is slowing down underExpand
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AMS 14C dating and wood identification in ancient timber structures in Shanxi Province, China
Abstract Shanxi Province in the north west of China is one of the centres of ancient Chinese civilization. Archaeological records from this region are a valuable legacy of ancient culture in China.Expand
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