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End-to-end encrypted traffic classification with one-dimensional convolution neural networks
Among all of the four experiments, with the best traffic representation and the fine-tuned model, 11 of 12 evaluation metrics of the experiment results outperform the state-of-the-art method, which indicates the effectiveness of the proposed method. Expand
Malware traffic classification using convolutional neural network for representation learning
This paper presented a new taxonomy of traffic classification from an artificial intelligence perspective, and proposed a malware traffic classification method using convolutional neural network by taking traffic data as images by taking raw traffic as input data of classifier. Expand
The Chemical Constituents and Pharmacological Actions of Cordyceps sinensis
Many bioactive components of Cordyceps sinensis have been extracted including nucleoside, polysaccharide, sterol, protein, amino acid, and polypeptide, and their corresponding pharmacological actions were shown in the study. Expand
Transferrin-PEG-PE modified dexamethasone conjugated cationic lipid carrier mediated gene delivery system for tumor-targeted transfection
It can be concluded that Tf and Dexa could function as an excellent active targeting ligand to improve the cell targeting and nuclear targeting ability of the carriers, and the resulting nanomedicine could be a promising active targeting drug/gene delivery system. Expand
Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition of Ovarian Cancer Cells Is Sustained by Rac1 through Simultaneous Activation of MEK1/2 and Src Signaling Pathways
It is shown that the presence of SOS1/EPS8/ABI1 complex is critical for sustained EMT traits of ovarian cancer cells and that cocktail of MEK1/2 and Src inhibitors represents an effective therapeutic strategy against ovarian cancer progression. Expand
Growth of bamboo Fargesia qinlingensis and regeneration of trees in a mixed hardwood-conifer forest in the Qinling Mountains, China
Results suggest that current dominance of B. albosinensis, A. fargesii, and B. utilis may be replaced by shade-tolerant species such as A. maximowiczii, which is similar under canopy and in various sized gaps. Expand
Predictive modeling of the potential natural vegetation pattern in northeast China
Based on the characteristics of natural vegetation distribution in northeast China, using multivariate analysis and geographical information system technology, we established a regionalExpand
Nursing Practice Guidelines in China do Need Reform: A Critical Appraisal Using the AGREE II Instrument.
There is an absence of a systematic guideline development methodology and a tendency to rely on expert opinion in the process of developing NPGs in China mainland, and the readers should consider these flaws and limitations when using recommendations in those NPNs. Expand
Clonal regeneration of an arrow bamboo, Fargesia qinlingensis, following giant panda herbivory
Differences of annual mortality rate and growth of new shoots found between control plots and herbivory plots suggest that clonal regeneration of F. qinlingensis culms was negatively affected by giant panda grazing, and no evidence of a clonal integration compensatory response to panda herbvory was found. Expand
Delivery of baicalein and paclitaxel using self-assembled nanoparticles: synergistic antitumor effect in vitro and in vivo
The prepared PTX-BCL NP drug-delivery system was proven efficient by its targeting of drug-resistant human lung cancer cells and delivering of BCL and PTX prodrugs. Expand