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Design and Evaluation of Useful Bacterium-Specific PCR Primers That Amplify Genes Coding for Bacterial 16S rRNA
We report the design and evaluation of PCR primers 63f and 1387r for amplification of 16S rRNA genes from bacteria. Their specificity and efficacy were tested systematically with a bacterial speciesExpand
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The human oral microbiome.
The human oral cavity contains a number of different habitats, including the teeth, gingival sulcus, tongue, cheeks, hard and soft palates, and tonsils, which are colonized by bacteria. The oralExpand
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The oral microbiome – an update for oral healthcare professionals
For millions of years, our resident microbes have coevolved and coexisted with us in a mostly harmonious symbiotic relationship. We are not distinct entities from our microbiome, but together we formExpand
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Actinomyces and Related Organisms in Human Infections
SUMMARY Actinomyces israelii has long been recognized as a causative agent of actinomycosis. During the past 3 decades, a large number of novel Actinomyces species have been described. TheirExpand
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The oral microbiome in health and disease.
  • W. Wade
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  • 1 March 2013
The human mouth harbours one of the most diverse microbiomes in the human body, including viruses, fungi, protozoa, archaea and bacteria. The bacteria are responsible for the two commonest bacterialExpand
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Molecular Analysis of the Microflora Associated with Dental Caries
ABSTRACT Molecular techniques have revealed many novel, presumed unculturable, taxa in oral infections. The aim of this study was to characterize the bacterial community of the middle and advancingExpand
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Strategies for culture of 'unculturable' bacteria.
Molecular ecology methods are now well established for the culture-independent characterization of complex bacterial communities associated with various environmental and animal habitats and areExpand
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Adjunctive effects to non-surgical periodontal therapy of systemic metronidazole and amoxycillin alone and combined. A placebo controlled study.
BACKGROUND AND AIM Several studies have reported adjunctive benefits to scaling and root planing (SRP) of systemic amoxycillin and metronidazole in the treatment of periodontal diseases. To date noExpand
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Diversity and Morphology of Members of the Phylum “Synergistetes” in Periodontal Health and Disease
ABSTRACT Members of the phylum “Synergistetes” have frequently been detected in the human oral cavity at sites of dental disease, but they have rarely been detected in studies of oral health. OnlyExpand
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Characterization of novel human oral isolates and cloned 16S rDNA sequences that fall in the family Coriobacteriaceae: description of olsenella gen. nov., reclassification of Lactobacillus uli as
The diversity of organisms present in the subgingival pockets of patients with periodontitis and acute necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis (ANUG) were examined previously. The 16S rRNA genes ofExpand
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