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Buccal floor of reptiles, A summary
— A general survey of the information presently available on the osteology and myology of the hyobranchial apparatus. Included in the survey are examples of the hyobranchial skeleton of the major
Ecology of Sceloporus occidentalis longipes Baird and Uta stansburiana stansburiana Baird and Girard on Rainier Mesa, Nevada Test Site, Nye County, Nevada
This paper constitutes the first in a series of tenniiKil reports to tlie United States Atomic Energy Commission for Contract AT (11-1) 1496. It includes a major study on the ecology and life history
A study of the variation in the less common snakes of Utah
Of the 24 species of snakes listed for Utah, 12 species are represented by comparatively few specimens, and some of the other less common species have, however, been greatly added too during the last few years by careful collecting.
The hyobranchium and throat myology of the adult Ambystomidae of the United States and Northern Mexico
The hypothesis that Ambystomidae is primitive to Salamandridae and to Plethodontidae is supported based upon the protrusibility of the tongue, and upon the structure and presence of the epibranchial, otoglossal, second radial, and second basibranchials cartilages of the three families.
Snakes of Western Chihuahua
This is a report on the snakes ofwestern Chihuahua that were taken at intervals from 1956 to 1972. At no time did we attempt to colleet east of Highway 45, rather expending our time in the foothills,