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BEAMing and Droplet Digital PCR Analysis of Mutant IDH1 mRNA in Glioma Patient Serum and Cerebrospinal Fluid Extracellular Vesicles
Development of biofluid-based molecular diagnostic tests for cancer is an important step towards tumor characterization and real-time monitoring in a minimally invasive fashion. ExtracellularExpand
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MITO-Tag Mice enable rapid isolation and multimodal profiling of mitochondria from specific cell types in vivo
Significance Mitochondria are intracellular hubs of metabolism that play critical roles in mammals, but knowledge of the metabolic landscape within mitochondria in mammalian tissues remainsExpand
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Genetic differ in TLR4 gene polymorphisms and expression involved in Salmonella natural and artificial infection respectively in Chinese native chicken breeds
Salmonella enteritidis (SE) is a foodborne pathogen that negatively affects both animal and human health. Genetic variations in response to pathogenic SE colonization or to SE vaccination wereExpand
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Identifying and comparing relatively high soil erosion sites with four DEMs
Abstract Soil loss due to sheet or rill soil erosion is a critical problem in watersheds of Taiwan. However, an order-of-magnitude discrepancy of soil loss in the literature raises many questions. InExpand
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A PEROXO-Tag enables rapid isolation of peroxisomes from human cells
Peroxisomes are membrane-bound organelles that perform a diverse array of critical functions in human physiology. Expand
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MITO-Tag Mice enable rapid isolation and multimodal profiling of mitochondria from specific cell types in vivo
Mitochondria are metabolic organelles that are essential for mammalian life, but the dynamics of mitochondrial metabolism within mammalian tissues in vivo remains incompletely understood. WhileExpand
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Difference and variation of the sef14 operon gene clusters in S. pullorum
SEF14 fimbriae are only found in some strains of serogroup‐D Salmonella such as S. enteritidis, suggesting that SEF14 fimbriae may affect serovar‐specific virulence traits. In this study, we foundExpand
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Case study of first all-GFRP pedestrian bridge in Taiwan
To forestall the severe deterioration of structures as a result of corrosion, the first all-FRP composite pedestrian bridge was built in Tainan, Taiwan. The bridge superstructure was designed byExpand
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Placing an FRP bridge in Taijiang national park and in virtual reality
Abstract In this paper, the all-FRP composite pedestrian bridge of Taijiang National Park was investigated for its flexural-torsional behaviour under half-surface loading conditions. The bridge,Expand
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Background: It was unknown that the serum matrix metalloproteinase-2 (MMP2) and bone sialoprotein (BSP) levels would be the key to osteoporosis. We would to study the serum matrix metalloproteinase-2Expand