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Predicting the response of communities to climate change is a major challenge for ecology. Communities may well not respond as entities but be disrupted, particularly if trophic levels respondExpand
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Bottom-up effects of plant diversity on multitrophic interactions in a biodiversity experiment
Biodiversity is rapidly declining, and this may negatively affect ecosystem processes, including economically important ecosystem services. Previous studies have shown that biodiversity has positiveExpand
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Global decomposition experiment shows soil animal impacts on decomposition are climate-dependent
Climate and litter quality are primary drivers of terrestrial decomposition and, based on evidence from multisite experiments at regional and global scales, are universally factored into globalExpand
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Defoliation and patchy nutrient return drive grazing effects on plant and soil properties in a dairy cow pasture
Large herbivores can influence plant and soil properties in grassland ecosystems, but especially for belowground biota and processes, the mechanisms that explain these effects are not fullyExpand
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Whole‐plant trait spectra of North American woody plant species reflect fundamental ecological strategies
The adaptation of plant species to their biotic and abiotic environment is manifested in their traits. Suites of correlated functional traits may reflect fundamental tradeoffs and general plantExpand
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Responses of arthropods to plant diversity: changes after pollution cessation
Perner, J., Voigt, W., Ba¨hrmann, R., Heinrich, W., Marstaller, R., Fabian, B.,Gregor, K., Lichter, D., Sander, F. W. and Jones, T. H. 2003. Responses ofarthropods to plant diversity: changes afterExpand
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Diversity Promotes Temporal Stability across Levels of Ecosystem Organization in Experimental Grasslands
The diversity–stability hypothesis states that current losses of biodiversity can impair the ability of an ecosystem to dampen the effect of environmental perturbations on its functioning. Using dataExpand
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Induction of light hydrocarbon nephropathy by p-dichlorobenzene
In order to clarify the etiology of a dose-related increase in the incidence of tubular cell adenocarcinomas of the kidney in male rats, the nephrotoxicity of p-dichlorobenzene (p-DCB) wasExpand
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Tree diversity promotes insect herbivory in subtropical forests of south-east China
1.Insect herbivory can strongly affect ecosystem processes, and its relationship with plant diversity is a central topic in biodiversity–functioning research. However, very little is known about thisExpand
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